Premise Liability Attorney Medford Oregon

Slips, Trips & Falls

These types of injuries fall under Premises liability law.  Depending on whether you are a customer, a guest in someone’s home, a tenant in someone’s rental, or a trespasser on someone’s land, you will be able to recover for your injuries in different ways.   Customers are given the most protection, while trespassers are given the least protections.

For example, business owners, are legally obligated to make sure that their building, public walkways, and land is hazard free for others.  If you slip, trip, and/or fall due to unsafe conditions at a business open to the public, you will be able to recover for any injury that results.  Landlords on the other hand are only required to maintain safe public areas and are only required to make necessary repairs that they know about.  If you trip, slip and/or fall while in your private rented space, the landlord may not be found liable for that injury.

Examples of dangerous conditions to property that you may be able to recover for:

  • Poor maintenance of stairs, railings, public walkways, decks, floors, etc.
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Defective elevators and escalators
  • Careless stacking of merchandise in a store that cause slips, trips, or falls or that cause heavy items to fall from a shelf and cause injury.
  • Inadequate parking lot security personnel or poor lighting that leads to an assault or murder.
  • Slick, icy, snowy or slippery surfaces.

Andrew Wilson is an attorney on the side of the people — not insurance companies.  When the negligence of a property owner, property manager, or landlord results in serious or catastrophic injury to you, or the wrongful death of someone you love, he will be there for you.  He has successfully recovered money awards against many large businesses, landlords, and homeowners in Southern Oregon and has helped many clients get the compensation they deserve.