Southern Oregon Employment Law Attorney

Andrew Wilson represents individuals in Southern Oregon who have disputes against their employers. Whether you have been wrongfully terminated or you are not being paid your rightful wages, Andrew Wilson can handle all of your employment law related needs. He will help you navigate the complex world surrounding employment claims including taking claims before the EEOC/BOLI and ensuring that you timely file your claim before the appropriate court. Andrew has experience with employment claims in front of both State and Federal Courts. Andrew has successfully handled hundreds of employment claims and has helped to recover millions of dollars in lost wages and emotion distress damages for his clients.

Andrew Wilson can provide legal representation on many common and uncommon employment matters including:
– Sexual Harassment Claims
– Medical Leave and Disability Claims
– Whistle Blower Claims
– Workers Compensation Retaliation/Discrimination Claims
– Age, Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims
– Pregnancy Discrimination Claims
– Wages Owed Including Penalty Damages for Failing to Pay Wages on Termination

Unemployment Proceedings

Unemployment – Andrew can also represent you in unemployment proceedings. We have unemployment protections to ensure that those who were terminated have a safety net to fall back on while they are searching for new employment. This is important so that you can continue paying your mortgage and your bills and so that you have the funds to feed and clothe your family. There is nothing worse than being fired from a job and having your employer claim that you should be denied these necessary benefits. The unemployment process can be confusing and you can be left worried about what comes next. Andrew has the experience and the knowledge to help you get the benefits you are entitled to.