Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when you are faced with the need to hire a personal injury attorney, several questions will come to mind. Please call our office or simply send us a message with the quick website contact form to your left. Below are a couple of the more common questions that are frequently asked about personal injury litigation.

1) Do I need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney? – Since so many types of injuries fall under the category of “personal injury”, it’s especially important to talk with a lawyer. Remember, the insurance company is not on your side. It is the job of an insurance adjustor (yours and the defendant’s) to minimize the amount they ultimately pay out to those who are injured. In many cases, clients who go with an attorney are able to recover 2-3 times the compensation they would otherwise have received had they represented themselves. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Get the compensation you deserve today.

2) My claim is small, what if no attorney will take my case? – At Ferguson & Wilson, P.C. we handle small, medium, large, and catastrophic damage cases. Our injury cases range from soft tissue injury auto accident cases to wrongful death cases. We are happy to look at your case and let you know how we can help. Consultations for personal injury claims are free, so you have nothing to lose by making an appointment.

3) What types of Damages can I recover in a personal injury claim? – Personal Injury often results in physical harm to the injured party, but the types of damages that can be recovered go well beyond this.

Economic Damages – Certain personal injury cases come from economic damages instead of purely physical injury. For instance, if someone’s negligent behavior reduces the value of your home or prevents you from working that counts an economic injury.

Non-Economic Damages – These are subjective, non-monetary losses, including compensation for pain, mental suffering, emotional distress, humiliation, injury to reputation, loss of care, comfort, companionship and society, and inconvenience and interference with ones normal activities and hobbies.

Punitive Damages – When the defendant’s actions are so egregious or intentionally damaging, juries are allowed to award punitive damages to punish the defendant for their actions. The damages are hard to win, but can be awarded in auto accident case where drunk driving is involved and in cases where the defendant intended to cause bodily harm through their actions.

Attorney Fees and Costs – Personal injury law is a diverse area of law. While attorney fees will not always be recovered, an experienced and savvy attorney can often find ways to put attorney fee awards on the table and can put you in the best position possible to maximize the judgment you will receive.

4) What should I bring with me for my meeting with a lawyer? – Bring all documents with you that are relevant to your injury.  The following is a small list of documents that are usually helpful: accident reports, medical records (if you have them), insurance policy statements, letters from insurance adjusters (your and theirs), photographs related to injuries or accident, repair estimates, and wage loss information. When in doubt, bring it in so the attorney can decide whether it is relevant.

Call today for a free consultation regarding your injury and learn what your rights are.